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The Law

Passengers travelling on coaches are required by law to wear seatbelts whilst the vehicle is in motion. This is the legal responsibility of the individual passenger, but it is the coach operator that is criticised if unrestrained passengers sustain serious injury during an accident.

It makes sense therefore for the operator to demonstrate that reasonable steps are taken to encourage passengers to use the seatbelts provided.

The Problem

Some operators already require drivers to make an announcement at the beginning of every journey. But even if the driver follows the instruction, he may have an unconvincing voice, or an accent that makes it difficult for passengers to fully appreciate the urgency of the message.

The Solution

A pre-recorded announcement reproduced electronically at the beginning of each journey and, if required, repeated periodically during the journey.

The announcement may be triggered by a push button, by the doors closing, or automatically repeated at pre-determined intervals by the unit’s built-in timer.

The Message

A standard or bespoke message may be reproduced through the vehicle’s public address system or distributed to small loudspeakers.

“For your safety, individual seatbelts are provided on this vehicle.

Passengers are recommended to wear the seatbelts throughout the journey.

You are required by law to wear a seatbelt at all times whilst this vehicle is moving”

A polite, but authoritative male voice commands attention, but is not confrontational and gets the message across.

The Result

The system is low-cost, easy to install and above all, very effective.

“Please fasten your seat belt”

a low-cost but very effective solution

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