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The Runaway problem.

Even with driver training programmes and strict operating procedures drivers sometimes fail to observe simple safety rules, with potentially fatal consequences. The problem often occurs with articulated vehicles and those with conventional towbars for small plant trailers or compressors. But it can also happen to skip loaders and any vehicle where operations are carried out without the driver in the cab, such as bin emptying or refuse compaction.

Having come to a standstill the vehicle will often remain stationery even without the parking brake applied.

It is only when the trailer is disconnected, the payload unloaded or equipment operated that the danger materialises.

An effective solution - the Talking Handbrake Warning Sounder

If the driver’s door is opened without the handbrake being applied, the O.W.L. Handbrake Warning Sounder tells the driver


The warning message cannot be misunderstood and cannot be ignored. Now there can be no excuse for any driver to leave the cab without first applying the handbrake.

Unlike with some types of warning, such as flashing lights or buzzers, there is no driver distraction and the driver does not have to interpret the nature of the warning.

Drivers cannot complain of noise nuisance since the warning message sounds only when the driver fails to apply the handbrake. The message is never heard during safe operation of the vehicle.

Drivers’ union representatives welcome the sounder as an aid to driver safety.

Bilingual & Bespoke Messages

The handbrake warning sounder is also available in English/Welsh or with a message to your specification - see the product range.

Handbrake Warning System

a simple solution to a very common problem

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In most runaway accidents the driver is not in the cab and the handbrake is off.

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Then when the vehicle moves the driver is unlikely to be able to climb back into the cab to stop it.

Handbrake Warning