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Left Turn Alarm

a simple solution to the blind spot problem

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The Left Turn Problem

Talking alarms deliver the warning message right where it is needed...without confusion...and with immediate reaction


Many towns now have dedicated cycle lanes or bus lanes used by cyclists and motorcycles. It is also common for cyclists to overtake vehicles on the near side when traffic is congested and at road junctions.

The problem is that they are often invisible to drivers of large vehicles, even when blind spot mirrors are fitted.

In the rush to pass a stationery vehicle cyclists and motorcyclists may not be aware that the vehicle is about to turn left.

If the driver doesn’t see them the consequences can be fatal.

Given adequate warning the person on the bike is in the best position to take avoiding action.

A simple warning sounder fitted to the near side of the vehicle provides the solution.

“this vehicle is turning left” delivers the appropriate warning message.

The warning is only heard in the danger zone and does not cause confusion or noise pollution.

The warning message may be triggered automatically by the left-turn indicator or by a driver operated push button, so it is equally suitable for warning pedestrians who may step off the curb in front of a vehicle about to turn.


In addition a warning message in the cab can give the driver a gentle reminder to “check nearside mirror”.

The Left Turn Problem -  ROSPA video