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PO Box 1330 TAMWORTH B77 1AW tel 08456 430 212

Safer Vehicles






products available - web site coming soon

products available - web site coming soon

O.W.L. House PO Box 1330 TAMWORTH B77 1AW England

Tel +44 (0)8456 430 212 Click to Contact

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O.W.L. provide product solutions for a wide range of applications in the home, in industry, local government and commerce.

Please take a look at our other web sites where you are sure to find something of interest. Items listed are only

a small selection from our portfolio which includes many specialist applications for individual clients. If you have

a similar application please contact us

Safety and Security Systems for Commercial Vehicles, Plant & Equipment and Public Service Vehicles (real human speech warning systems)

Electronic Cruise Controls for quad bikes,  ATV’s and utility

vehicles (for use off-road by Quads/ATV’s & Utility vehicles in agriculture &

grounds care)

Electronic Cruise Controls for Motorcycles

(improve your fuel consumption, save your license and ride for mile after

mile in safety and comfort)

Talking Safety & Security Systems for buildings,

equipment and machinery

(fire & emergency evacuation, hazardous & restricted areas, intruder &

 personal attack, machinery safety warnings)

Telephone on-hold equipment and audio promotions

(keep your callers happy whilst they wait to be connected)

Music, sound effects and professional voices for leisure

industry applications

(theme parks, garden centres, museums, amusement machines)

Point-of-sale systems

(audio promotion units, staff call systems, product theft alarms)

More OWL Products

a wide range of product applications for home, industry and commerce