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Precinct & Pavement Sweepers



The potential for accidents in busy pedestrian areas is even greater than on the road

Pedestrians are often oblivious to vehicle movement.

When they are on the footpath or in a pedestrian area they will assume that there is no danger.

The problem is exaggerated with pavement or precinct sweepers because the vehicle is small and its relatively low speed can be deceptive. The sound of the sweeping equipment can make it difficult to determine the vehicle’s distance or how fast it is approaching.

Even when fitted with warning horns or bleepers the danger is often ignored. It is difficult to identify the source and direction of these types of sounder. Pedestrians often also respond aggressively to the operation of a vehicle horn.

But the sound of a real human voice with a message such as

“Please stand clear... Sweeper approaching”

will usually generate an appropriate reaction from pedestrians young and old who immediately become aware of the danger and move out of the way.

According to location the message can sound continuously whilst the sweeper is moving, or may be triggered as required by the driver with the press of a button.

Our small sweeper talking warning sounders have been provided in many languages for use right around the world and have used celebrity voices in locations such as New York’s Times Square and on Broadway.