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If you have a vehicle fleet then you will certainly have depots or other premises from which those vehicles operate.

There are many applications where a talking sounder from O.W.L. can help to improve your premises safety and security.

Premises Safety Applications

Inside or out there will be people working near to vehicles, equipment or other hazardous areas. Even moving from one area to another can be dangerous for anyone pre-occupied with anything other than their own safety.

A simple sensor detecting someone entering a hazardous area can trigger a warning message such as “take care...fork lift trucks operate in this area”.

Similarly in sorting areas and loading bays a pre-start message can warn personnel “stand clear...this conveyor belt is about to start”.

And if you have areas where hard hats or safety goggles should be worn how about a sounder at the entrance door instructing “safety equipment must be worn in this area”.

Messages may be configured to sound once only on each activation, so there’s no problem with personnel ignoring warning messages that sound indiscriminately.

Premises Security Applications

Buildings & Premises Applications

Talking Safety and Security Sounders


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