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Reversing Alarms

the no-confusion message for safer reversing

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The Pedestrian Problem

Talking Reversing Alarms

Bilingual & Bespoke Messages

Reversing alarms may also be personalised to include the vehicle operator’s name or bespoke messages.

English/Welsh versions are also available.

Talking reversing alarms deliver the warning message right where it is needed...without confusion...and with immediate reaction


No matter how careful the vehicle driver, pedestrians still walk behind reversing vehicles.

In busy streets people are often oblivious to slow-moving vehicles and will will step out between vehicles they assume are parked.

Even when delivery vehicles have to reverse into or out of driveways or side streets pedestrians continue to walk behind them without considering the danger.

For vehicles operating in residential areas the problem can be compounded by the need to turn round in confined spaces frequently with parked cars lining the roadside.

Reversing sensors and cameras can help the driver to detect people at the rear of the vehicle but cannot prevent them from stepping out unexpectedly, leaving the driver with no time to prevent an accident.

Talking reversing alarms command attention and immediately deliver the warning message right in the danger zone...at the rear of the reversing vehicle.

The message sounds as soon as reverse gear is selected so the warning is heard even before the vehicle starts to move.

People instinctively look in the direction of the message source and do not have to think to understand the nature of the danger. The response is instant.

For locations where a number of vehicles may be manoeuvring, each may be identified by a specific message,

e.g. “loading shovel reversing”, “fork lift reversing”

Then for ultimate flexibility there are several options for night-silent and over-ride facilities - see the specification page.